The Dual Sport Baja Edition (DSBE) started as little more than a Dream many many years ago. The driving force behind it was a guy called Buggy Brad who had a life long obsession with building the ultimate Buggy which would suit his needs on the street as well as in the desert. This obsession had seen him cut up many Manx’s in search of better geometry and handling and even going to the extent of creating his own Buggy kit which was shelved after just a few builds due to the simple fact it didn’t have the style and lines of a Real Meyers Manx.

Then in 2002 the Manxter was introduced and followed in 2004 by the Manxter Dual Sports … now we were getting somewhere, a Meyers Manx with a longer wheel base. The Dual Sports was ,however, only sold as a Fibreglass Kit and all the bits that made it go where up to the specific builder.

With this in mind fast forward to a sunny day in September 2014 when Buggy Brad first heard about this thing called the Mexican 1000 which was sort of like a 4 day version of the Baja 1000 aimed at a more historical vehicle base as opposed to Trophy Trucks ( . As he did some research it seemed like an idea maybe forming. Now racing in Baja was nothing new in a Meyers Manx, heck they had started it with Bruce back in the 60’s and it has been followed on over many generations. There was even the famous ‘1967 Manxter’ which was the start of the Manxter Dual Sport as we knew it today and featured on the BFG Poster.  But having driven a few of these “Race Cars” they were all lacking what was needed to be a true dual sports, streatability.

You see in a Race Car, dirt in particular there is a tendency to over look how it will drive daily on the street as it is all about going fast and the dirt has its own impact on steering and suspension. To be a true Dual Sports it needed to be much milder mannered and be cable of kid pickups and well as racing through the dunes and desert. Of course this meant COMPROMISE to a certain extent but such is life.

As an idea continued to solidify a letter was sent to Norra to see if we could get a Meyers Manx Category added to the Class Structure to give us a home. As luck would have it and with a bit of name dropping ( thanks Bruce Meyers ) when the rules where released for the 2015 Race there was in fact a Meyers Manx Class for all Genuine Meyers Manx Buggies.

With that sorted, rules read and having sort of told Norra if they added it we would enter it was time to formulate a plan, get a team, find some cash and oh yeah build a car suitable for the task.

The body to use was a no brainer and the Manxter Dual Sport Kit was ordered on 20 Dec 2014 which left 119 Day to get the kit, build the kit and make it to Mexico for the race of a lifetime.

The initial plan was to use a VW Super Bug chassis as they were readily available, cheap and came with DMV Titles. A Quick trip to Interstate VW Wrecking and we had our donor bug .

Started building that but didn’t like the result so the decision was made to do a custom chassis so we built that instead.

We were happy with that result and the DSBE was born ….