The DSBE Front end is a Beam and Trailing Arm designed based on a Class 5 Unlimited specifications:

  • 4″ over 1 3/4″ Foddril Arms
  • King Kong Spindles
  • Fortin 2.0 Center Mount Hydraulic Steering rack
  • 4130 Custom Tie Rods
  • Fox 2.5 x 10″ Piggy Back Shocks in either standard or Internal Bypass

The Beam itself is integral to the Chassis design and fabricated in out CAD Designed Fixture to ensure all geometry is set   correctly.

It consists of an upper and lower beam. The Upper is 2 1/4″ OD x 0.120″ walled 4130 and the Lower is 2 1/2″ OD x 0.25″ walled 4130. The lower beam is 0.25″ wall to reduce fatigue issue with off road abuse as well as create a very strong point for the front bar and tow points to be made off and ensure that when you hit stuff suck as rocks there is no deflection in the side wall creating a weak point. It also helps with the balance of the DSBE and keeps the Center of Gravity in the optimal position.

The front end is setup for 15″ travel and this is achieved with close to Zero Bump steer which is very important for a Dual Sport Buggy that will see both off road and street use. We could have set it at 18″ of travel but then Bump Steer comes into play and we are more interested in drive-ability than a few extra inches.