The DSBE kit can be purchased with or without Electrical. This is done so that if you are doing things on a budget you can save some $$$ or configure it to suit your needs.

The DSBE Electrical kit is offered as a complete drop in solution and custom made to suit the DSBE. Ot consists of the following :

  • 2 x Motec PDM 15’s
  • 1 x Motec M84 ECU
  • 1 x Motec C127 Dash and Logger
  • 1 x DSBE Wireless Steering Controls
  • 1 x DSBE ECU Box
  • 1 x DSBE Race Spec Loom Kit
  • 1 X Fitting Kit

The Loom kit includes everything you need to simply plug in your DSBE and if you are using a Subaru EJ 25 Engine it includes the engine sub harness and base tune to get up and running. The loom is built using quality products such as RayChem, Tefzel, Deutsch, AMP etc and comes with a lifetime warranty against failure or design issue. The Motec Components are covered by the MOTEC warranty.

DSBE ECU Box – rear Mount Sealed

The Rear Mount ECU Box provides a weather proof location for the ECU and Rear PDM

All looms are custom made on our layout table to ensure everything fits well and is testing prior to shipping.