Owners-Lori Ann & Mike Dario
2014 Meyers Manx Dual Sport #30
Color code- 66p-Brilliant Western Blue Metal-flake
Donor vehicle- 2001 Forester 2.5 SOHC, Naturally Aspirated, 5 speed Manual Transmission
Face Book page- 302 Racing

02 was ordered in 2014 to honor the 50th Anniversary of Meyers Manx, at the time of ordering the body, the direction of the build was unknown. It was Mikes participation in the 2015 NORRA Mexican 1000 that solidified the Subaru drive train, and after several conversations with Buggy Brad we decided to go all in for a DSBE. 02 hit the road in April 2017 just 2 weeks
prior to it’s 1st running in the Mexican 1000. We drove it to the race, raced it and drove it home.

We weren’t disappointed.

The DSBE platform has proven to be multi functional. As of March of 2020 we have logged 30,000 miles. “Three-O-Two” as DSBE 02 has become known, has been driven to places all over the USA, the list includes; Topaz Lake, NV, St-Louis, MO, MOAB, UT, Asheville, NC, the Outer Banks, NC, Austin, TX along with participating in & completing 3 NORRA Mexican 1000’s, several recreational trips to the Baja peninsula. The DSBE platform is very stable, and comfortable to drive, whether it’s driving along the highway at 75 mph or driving on a dirt road at 70 mph, the DSBE instills confidence.